Platform functions


Single and Multiple Symbol Selection

Trade more with the flexibility of using single or multiple symbols!

Determine Your Profit Rate

Earn while yu are sleeping thanks to the algorithm that automatically sells when it reaches the profit rate you set!

Buy and Sell in Fractions

Reduce your cost while minimizing risk by dividing your inventory among the cryptocurrencies you want!

Target Amount

Enjoy your earnings thanks to the algorithm that sells when you reach the target amount!

Stop Loss

Get out of the sudden drop in the markets harmlessly thanks to the stop loss function!


You decide when the system will work and stop thanks to the time setting!

Order Timing

Have the chance to catch the right price thanks to the Order Timing feature created in order to follow the price fluctuations of stock exchanges more efficiently.


TT Bot Custom Signals

Trade safely thanks to special signals created by TT Bot Investment experts!

Customized Signals

Create your own unique signal using different indicators and strategies!

Market Place – Coming Soon

Buy sell and share the signals you have created within the Marketplace that brings together the developpers and users!



Thanks to Metamask Integration you can make payment and transfer transactions securely only with cryptocurrencies without using any classical payment method such as any bank or credit card!

Credit System

Unlike systems such as monthly packages or memberships TT Bot Credit System allows users to use credit only per order they place. You can use your credits at any time with pay-as-you-go without feature restrictions. It also distributes bonus credits to users who are new to the system allowing them to benefit from the unique user experience of TT Bot!

Bonus Feature

TT Bot not only automates the crypto buy and sell service in the most profitable and reliable way for you but also distributes Tolpay Token which will be distributed as bonus in limited numbers only to platform users. The bonus event which will be sponsored by Tolpay will end just before Tolpay's listing. Hurry up for a chance to win Tolpay as a bonus before ICO and save your Tolpays!

Win-Win System

The TT Bot system is a user friendly Automatic Crypto Buy-Sell System designed entirely for the user to win!

Wİn-Win 1) Use TT Bot Save Tolpay!

You don't need to hunt for social media and fulfill endless tasks to earn a token! All you need to do is use TT Bot! Thanks to the Tolpay Bonus Programme Tolpay Token will be distributed exclusively to TT Bot Users platform users will have the opportunity to earn a token that will be valued on exchange markets just before ICO Phases while making their buy and sell transactions safe!

Win-Win 2) Bonus Credits

TT BOT platform which prioritizes safety and reliability above all distributes credits to new members. Become a member get your bonus credit start earning!

Win-Win 3) Invite Your Friend

With invite your friend program both you and your friend will be entitled to bonus credits and will be able to benefit from platform features. Invite more friends earn more!

Win-Win 4 ) Convert to credit to TolPay

Convert to credit to TolPay and user system start earn!



We take your security seriously. The information of the exchange market you are affiliated with is not recorded in our system and the API keys of the exchange market you are connected to are also encrypted so your personal data is not shared with 3rd parties. We use the following processes to keep security at the highest level xml:space='preserve'>

Google Auth


SMS Verification – Coming Soon

Device Management



We will continue the path we started with Binance Exchange by adding new exchanges in a short time. Stay tuned!


We will add new wallets to the path we started with Metamask Integration and offer payment methods with different options.

BSC Blockchain

Tracking control and analysis opportunity with full integration with Binance Smart Chain network